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Address: 7250 State Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66112

Phone: (913) 288-7660


Directions to the CEB Building:  From I-70 West, take exit 415 (Highway 40) or from I-70 East, take exit 415B (Highway 40).  Follow signs for Highway 40/State Avenue (do not take the Turner Diagonal) and go to the first light (State Avenue).  Turn left on State Avenue.  Go to the next light (Campus Boulevard) and turn right.  Go to the first stop sign.  Turn right and then immediately turn left, turn right and follow the access road going behind the Child Care Center.  Proceed to parking lot H.
Welcome to CEB.



Address: 1901 Spruce Steet, Leavenworth, KS 66048

Phone: (913) 288-7750


Directions to the Leavenworth Center:  From I-70

From K7/4th Street

From downtown Leavenworth


 Continuing Education & Community Services Staff Members:

Dr. Marisa Gray, Executive Director of Continuing Education and Adult Basic Education,

Jackie Batliner, Secretary, Continuing Education & Community Services,

Wendy Brewer, Secretary, Continuing Education & Community Services,

Stephanie Marquez, Consultant for Language,

Pamela Howe, Coordinator of Community Education,

Amy Inlow, Secretary, Continuing Education & Community Services,

Brian Patrick, Director, Community Education,

Penny Peterson, Professional Assistant, Continuing Education & Community Services,

Katherine Stimac, Secretary, Continuing Education & Community Services,

Rebecca VanVerth, Assistant Director of Adult Basic Education,